You without a doubt are one of the most generous and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you for all you have done for me and my heart and soul—and of course my skin and eyelashes!! Last week you helped me feel safe and cared for—enough so that I feel I can give those things to myself! I am very grateful to have you in my world. ~Jessie

Brian and I would like to thank you for a wonderful afternoon on Sat. We were both so relaxed and happy to be there. I really felt so much better after my treatment.  I know it’s good for my healing. You do amazing work. Hillary is right – you have a healing touch. Thank you for the extra mask, oil and especially the jade. I have been sleeping with it under my pillow and no nightmares!! Thanks for being so good to us Cheryl. You are amazing. ~Heidi & Brian

A religious experience! As you soak in the hot water with essential oils, you loose any care you have left in the world, along with your toxins. Then you are led to the table where Cheryl wraps you up in wonderful oils and works on your chakras. By the time you are lead to the tub to wash up, you are relaxed, and invigorated at the same time, and wish you did not have to leave and enter the real world!!!! ~Shab

Did you ever feel like you want a way to cleanse yourself of all that you absorb daily? I can absolutely say that I can achieve a complete sense of being refreshed with lymphatic drainage. Added to it, is Cheryl, the kind gentle soul expertly performing the therapy.  It is the best gift I can receive. ~Sepi

Cheryl was referred to me by a good friend. After my wonderful experience I scheduled a treatment for my then 7 year old son.  Though our treatments were for different reasons we both felt improvement immediately; skin, mood, level of relaxation. Cheryl is 100% professional and goes above and beyond to meet every need of her client young and old. Cheryl is 100% committed to the long-term wellbeing of her clients. ~MLH

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