The Season of Fire is the “Energetic Summer” and occurs each year between May 6 – July 19.

Esthetic Conditions: Red, Sensitive Skin/ Blotchy/ Perspiration/ Couperose

    In Balance

  • Lots of sun and fun
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Sweat it out
  • Swimming, trimming at the beach, eating light


  • Hiding inside, shy
  • Afraid to play
  • Over serious
  • Over eating
  • Fainthearted

The following products are recommended for the esthetic conditions related to Fire:

Fire TonerA mild, non alcohol tonic. Ideal during the Summer Season

Day Cream Ceresal CornA light moisturizer, specially formulated for the Summer Season. The skin feels cool and has a healthy skin tone.

Night Cream BalancingFor sensitive, red blotchy skin and couperose.

Phyt’Ehther RedEssential oils for sensitive skin with redness and couperose.

Tertoinc Fire Red Clay MaskRed clay with essential oils recommended for sensitive, red skin and couperose conditions.

Yin EnergizingHas a cooling and refreshing feeling. Especially good for menopause and varicose veins.

Bath Oil Fire CoolingHas a cooling effect and can be used during menopause or when overheated. Also stimulates reb blood circulation.

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