PHYTO5 products, methods, and techniques are a unique system based on a natural and holistic approach to scalp, hair, skin, breast and body care.

Face Facts carries a selection of Phyto5 (or Phytobiodermie) products. Cheryl will recommend the perfect skincare regimen for you.

Based on the Chinese five element system, combined with herbal and acupressure schools of thought, PHYTO5 marries advanced esthetic information and ancient ways to heal the body both internally and externally. The organic, Swiss-made products are formulated and manufactured by hand with quality plant extracts and essential oils, clays, algae, grains, and minerals. Advanced techniques, such as lymphatic drainage, acupressure, massage, color therapy, chromotherapy, and vibrational energy are all utilized for optimum results with PHYTO5 products.

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