Face Facts skin care treatments work from the inside out with incredibly positive results. Using energetic, organic products, each session is customized and uses a combination of lymphatic drainage, light therapy, crystal therapy, acupuncture, vibration and reiki techniques.

5 Elements Face Facts Facial


This is a classic customized treatment using your Birthdate Biorhythm. Lymphatic drainage to help detox and tonify your skin. Vibration and color therapy used to benefit chakra and hormonal balancing.

Moisturizing Facial


This is a quick/limited version of Cheryl’s 5 Elements energetic facial. This treatment is appropriate for current clients & a beneficial treatment before special occasion or to transition during extreme season change.

Balancing the skin's PH level with deep moisturizing as a focus. Vibration to stimulate reflex zones and lymphatic movement with cups to best detox the skin.

Lymphatic Breast Treatment


This holistic treatment stimulates and detoxifies the breasts and the lymphatic region around the breasts and under arm area in order to provide optimal release of toxins leading to healthier more supple breasts. The process also improves the immune system by eliminating toxins from the body with deep lymphatic drainage treatment. Clients may have had a breast screening with a thermographer in order to get a complete picture of their body’s level of toxicity. Cheryl can assess the client’s needs according to the thermography test results.

The treatment provides the following benefits:

- Preventative measure to maintain healthy breasts
- Rejuvenates traumatized tissue post-surgery

Cheryl will help the client learn a home care program to maintain in between visits.

Lymphatic Body Treatment


Balneotherapy to start body detoxing. Treatment involves vibration on acupuncture points, light therapy on Chakras, and cupping to move the lymph system. The treatment is done on an infrared table within a crystal grid. Application of custom oils, algae-based serums and finishing with clay.

The Cure – Face Facts Signature body treatment


An extensive treatment for mind, body and soul. Regular clients love the all encompassing benefits, de-stressing, detoxifying, rejuvenating with:

- Lymphatic drainage
- Infrared sauna blanket
- Balneotherapy
- Active, energetic oils and clays, plankton, algae
- Detoxifying bath
- Energy work
- Crystal therapy
- Light therapy
- Acupressure
- Tong Ren

Men’s Face Facts Treatment


This is total relaxation for the man in your life (referrals only).

The Face, Back and Scalp are treated in a soothing combination, using organic essential oils, colored clays, chroma lymphatic drainage. The treatment is finished with balneotherapy.

Facial for 2


A side-by-side facial balancing the skin's Ph level with deep moisturizing as a focus. Vibration to stimulate reflex zones and lymphatic movement with cups. to best detox the skin.