The Season of Water is the “Energetic Winter” and occurs each year between Nov. 8 – Jan. 16.

Esthetic Conditions: Lack of Elasticity/ Deep Dehydration/ Fine Lines & Wrinkles, often visible in the eye area

    In Balance

  • Keep warm
  • Stay quiet
  • Sleep well
  • Be at home
  • Look within
  • Preserving-giving


  • Overactive
  • Late nights and parties
  • Lack of rest and sleep
  • Disssipation
  • Frustration
  • Hoarding

The following products are recommended for the esthetic conditions related to Water:

Water TonerA mild, non alcohol toinc. Ideal during the Winter Season.

Day Cream Ceresal BuckwheatA rich day cream to hydrate and protect during the Winter Season.

Night Cream ToningFor re-hydration, increasing elasticity and minimizing fine lines.

Phyt’Ehther VioletEssential oils used in hydration and toning.

Tertoinc Water Black Clay MaskBlack marine silt with essential oils which possess hydrating and mineralizing qualities to promote good skin tone.

Firming GelA re-mineralizing black marine silt with essential oils which possess hydrating qualities and promotes good skin tone.

Bath Oil Water ToningTo skin. Ideal during the slimming treatments.

Finding Your Element

Your Chinese Biorythm will be assessed as it relates to your skin care.

Find Your Element

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