About PhytoBioDermie

Phytobiodermie: Product, Methods, and Technique is a unique system based on a natural and holistic approach to scalp, hair, skin, breast and body care.

Based on acient Chinese five element, herbal and acupressure schools of thought, Phytobiodermie marries advanced esthetic information and ancient ways to heal the body both internally and externally. Products are formulated and manufactured by hand with quality plant extracts and essential oils, clays, algae, grains, and minerals. Advanced techniques, such as lymphatic drainage, acupressure, massage, color therapy, chromatherapy, and vibrational energy are all utilized for optimum results.



Therapeutic bathing with our special line of bath products, rich with algae, aromatic essential oils, and plankton, improves circulation, enhances relaxation and aids in the elimination of toxins. (8 to choose from)

Chinese Energetic Biorythm

This diagnostic tool enables the therapist to treat each client individually on three levels: Body, Mind and Spirit. It connects the client physically and emotionally to the nature of the cycles of the season and the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. This information is based on century old Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Lymphatic Drainage

The manual application of the “Drainer Jet” during treatment, results in a visual difference, elimination of edema, improves the lymphatic and vascular systems’ circulation, and the regeneration of cells. The skin looks and feels smoother and more refined.


Acupuncture is the oldest system of medicine known to man. Acupressure is it’s form that involves gentle pressure, exerted on specific acupuncture points to release energy, relax and restore balance and harmony.


Surrounded by color and light, we are unaware of the healing capacity these electromagnetic elements possess. You’ll experience the use of natural colored clays and oils, along with a light machine shined on specific reflex zones and energetic points for treatments on the face and body.

Vibrational Healing

The use of specifically designed machine allows treatment on any given acupuncture and/or meridian point with its own corresponding balanced vibration. Insuring stimulation of all five elements as they relate to the body.

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