The Season of Metal is the “Energetic Autumn” and occurs each year between Aug. 8 – Oct. 19.

Esthetic Conditions: Demineralization/ Surface Dehydration/ Poor Lymphatic Circulation/ Dull, Lifeless Skin.

    In Balance

  • Consolidation
  • Communication
  • New disciplines, productive work
  • Study, clarity, care
  • Quiet walks
  • More rest


  • Indecision
  • Confusion
  • Over indulgence
  • Coffee, smoking
  • Obscurity
  • Fatigue

The following products are recommended for the esthetic conditions related to Metal:

Metal TonerA mild, non alcohol toinc. Ideal during the Autumn season.

Day Cream Ceresal RiceThe regenerating properies of this moisturizer are ideal in the Autumn season.

Night Cream Re-MineralizingTo increase circulation, re-hydrate and rejuvenate. Dull, lifeless skin is left glowing and radiant looking.

Phyt’Ehther BlueEssential oils for dry skin and puffy skin.

Tertoinc Metal White Clay MaskWhite clay with essential oils. Anti-inflammatory promotes increased oxygenation of asphyxiated or congested skin.

Regulating GelDiminshes swelling and (lymphatic congestion. Inhibits fluid retention in the legs. Recommended for tired feet.

Bath Oil Metal RelaxingTo relax and promote lymphatic and veinous circulation.

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