The Season of Wood is the “Energetic Spring” and occurs each year between Feb. 5 – April 16.

Esthetic Conditions: Energy Circulation/ Oily Skin/ Blackheads/ Hyper-pigmentation

    In Balance

  • Beginnings
  • Lean body, home
  • Elimination, exercise
  • Garden, greens, sprouts
  • Creativity, enthusiasm


  • Still the same old stuff
  • Excess
  • Congestion, laziness, weeds
  • Drugs
  • Over eating

The following products are recommended for the esthetic conditions related to Wood:

Wood TonerA mild, non alcohol tonic ideal during the Spring.

Day Cream Ceresal WheatThis regenerating day cream protects, balances oil production, leaving the skin with a clear, matte finish.

Night Cream ClarifyingFor oily skin with blemishes, blackheads, hyperpigmentation or impurites.

Phyt’Ehther GreenEssential oils to balance energy.

Tertoinc Wood Green Clay MaskGreen Clay with essential oils for oily skin.

Yang Energizing GelPromotes energy, enhances blood circulation. Warming for mature skin. Also used in treatment of cellulite.

Bath Oil Wood EnergizingTo stimulate and promote energy. Ideal in the morning.

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